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Client Experience & Reporting

Aspire Hotel Group is one of the leading independent leisure, retail & hotel management contract companies in the UK. With Hotel & Retail Operation professionals MCL is able to offer our clients a full report in to their businesses customer experience. Mystery Diners, Guests, Shoppers have always been an important way of measuring how a business is performing. However in our reporting we also set out how your business is performing to the local and national competition giving your business a keen edge.

Based on a clients specific requirements and our professional experience, we are also able to offer a full action plan and advice on any areas of concern.

Tailor the above Mystery visits, we can additional offer a full security service. No matter how much trust and confidence we have in employees, the industry suffers  from a significant amount of theft and abuse.

At a clients request we can place an employee within the organisation that is able to report back exactly what is happening and reassure clients that their investment is being fully managed correctly. These services are unique but invaluable and can be tailored to match individual and specific requirements.

For further information or to discuss the option available to you please complete the form below to contact us, or here to email us